Additional Information About Our Ranching Practices

                       Cattle that are more profitable and fit in their environment.

                       Healthy soils grow healthy plants and these are necessary for healthy livestock, and ultimately, healthy people.

                       Consultants that help ranchers sustain economic and environmental sustainability. Mr. Gerrish designed our Grazing system.

                       The benefits of consuming grass-fed meat.

                       Helping land stewards to increase biodiversity, land health, and sustainable profits.

                       Regenerating landscapes for a sustainable future.

                       Provider of cover seed.

                       Cafeteria-style mineral program.

                       Health benefits of beef consumption on a higher fat and lower carb diet.

                       Leading publication on grazing.

                       Educational organization for managing land for a sustainable future.

                      Teaching low stress livestock handling methods.

Agape Good Scratch

Here is one of our cows really de-stressing! 

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